D’Annibale sculpts entire sites with a wide range of interventions – from architectural structures, through land art and individual sculptures, to immersive installations – challenging viewers’ perception of space, form and scale. Within each site, a plethora of materials and techniques are employed to create a variety of distinct, intriguing environments. Individual storylines intertwine within D’Anniable’s holistic vision, which eventually becomes a place of perpetual change. 

 Defying categories and re-evaluating the role of art in a specific context, D’Annibale’s intention is to elicit multi-sensory engagement under an overarching feeling of balance. The rules of grid and perspective apply alongside nature’s imperfections and D’Annibale’s intuition. Suspended in between dimensions and distant from noisy entertainment, D’Annibale’s work seeks to make room for contemplation and connectivity in a world that is finding its bearings.

Dume 1: B=F(P,E)

B=f(P, E) is one of D’Annibale’s most ambitious large-scale projects to date. Unlike many of her previous site-specific interventions, it opened to the public in February 2023. The preexisting architectural structure of a house has served as the catalyst to reimagine the site, becoming its hallmark and home’s prototypical form. 

The site is conceived as a complete artwork, incorporating the full spectrum of D’Annibale’s creative output and reinforcing the idea that space is its integral component. Expanding upon 25 years of the artist’s interdisciplinary practice, B=f(P,E) embodies the concept that behavior is a function of both personal and environmental attributes. D’Anniable takes us on a journey from the incomplete and the abandoned, through shredding the layers of assumptions and expectations, to an open-ended and symbolically resonant home for reconnection. 

Dume 2: Wildlife Playground

Wildlife is D’Annibale’s ultimate laboratory, spanning her studio, several other premises as well as outdoor spaces. The creative process unfolds simultaneously across all these locations, challenging conventional perspectives on space, function, and aesthetics. Alongside sculptural work in the studio, D’Annibale engages in architectural or landscape interventions of diverse scales and forms, from a wall relief to an entire environment. It is here where she experiments with the inherent qualities of different materials, mediums and disciplines. The natural terrain serves as a stage for performance, while an industrial container becomes the key component of larger architectural structures or independent installations.