Brigitte D’Annibale is a contemporary artist who works in a variety of mediums, investigating the interaction between nature and the human experience within the dynamics of space. Using abstraction, sensation, vulnerability, and re-examination, D’Annibale aims to elicit a visceral response and to transform the experience itself into art. 

Native Angeleno, D’Annibale spent over 20 years in Kauai, where the core of her work developed in the form of large-scale, site-specific commissions. D’Anniable has gone through an independent learning journey which led to a uniquely interdisciplinary practice. Initial guidance from a few mentors from the Otis College of Art and Design set her on an auto-didactic path, mastering painting, sculpture, architecture, design and more one by one. D’Annibale’s knowledge of and fascination with materials and different disciplines continues to inform her work.

She became known for her holistic approach, transforming entire sites from scratch, and her interventions into preexisting man-made structures or natural terrain. Having gained acclaim amongst seasoned collectors and art patrons, D’Annibale moved back to California to establish a new studio in Los Angeles with links to the global art world. D’Annibale’s art sits within the region’s rich artistic legacy, yet is an expression of her unique, independent trajectory. Alongside an ongoing exploration of space, light, architecture and materiality, she introduces her feminine sensibility and interest in society and semiotics.

Projects & Press:

September, 2024
Curatorial Talk
Beyond museum walls: curating across diverse disciplines and unconventional spaces
Alex Sloane, curator, MOCA
Claudia Bohn-Spector, independent curator, Caltech

May, 2024
Brigitte D’Annibale in conversation with Sébastien Montabonel, curator

February, 2024
Brigitte D’Annibale: Selected Works
Alaska Editions

October 2023
B=f(P,E) At Work
Jacob Jonas Company

September 2023
Social Impact Project
Lost and Found:  Creative workshop with children
Boys & Girls Club Malibu

July, 2023
Press, Forbes
The Gesamtkunstwerk Of Brigitte D’Annibale
Tom Teischolz

March, 2023
Curatorial Talk
Imagining the Future Museum: 21 Dialogues
András Szántó, academic
Jackson-Dumont, Director of Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
Liam Young, SCI-arc Professor of Digital Space Design and Architect